Jonathan Creath

Jonathan Creath returned to his roots in real estate after spending eight years in the software industry. Throughout his professional career, Jonathan has developed a passion for providing optimal customer support. From a business perspective, he is driven by client relationships. His true love lies with his wife Lauren and their two children. When they aren’t chasing kids, their time is spent with football-filled afternoons and walking their dog Foster. Jonathan’s commitment to excellence both professionally and personally are unique characteristics his father would have been proud of. Passion, drive, and commitment are what he and Creath Partners are made of.

Jo Creath

Jo Creath began her adventure in the Real Estate Profession in 1991. She was free from her children (all were off to college) and was ready to utilize her personal and professional skills to help her friends and family. Jo and her husband, Garry, teamed up and formed the Creath Team in 1991 with over 25 years of Real Estate experience (Garry had been in the Real Estate Industry for quite some time!). The Team decided to focus their efforts on providing guidance on property sales in the Westlake and Lakeway areas. After 6 wonderful years as a Real Estate Team and almost 30 years as a family team, Garry passed away.

Creath Partners

Creath Partners subscribes to a philosophy that continually increases our quality of service. The team is totally committed to proving their clients a world-class level of real estate service both during and after the transaction. Creath Partners was founded by Garry Creath and remains a family business to this day. In 1971, after many years of dedicating his life to our country, Garry Creath was medically discharged from the U.S. Air Force. Because he was trained to serve and help others, Garry decided to enter the real estate business in Colorado Springs and grew it further in Lubbock, Texas. For 18 years, Garry built up the family’s reputation and in 1989 he decided to expand the business in the beautiful area of Austin. Jo Creath, Garry’s loving wife, partnered with him in the family’s business in 1992. Jo brought her love for people, devotion to family and friends and caring attitude to the real estate world. Adding these wonderful characteristics to Garry’s love for business made a perfect team that developed trust, loyalty and commitment with their dear friends, family and clients. Taking care of business was their passion and drive. In 1997, after six rewarding years as business partners, Garry passed away, opening the doors for his children to share in his love for real estate. Garry Creath II lovingly joined his mother to continue his father’s legacy. Throughout this time, Jonathan was gaining valuable experience selling software to Fortune 500 companies and developing a passion for helping clients. After gathering extensive experience and knowledge serving others, Jonathan faithfully moved to Austin to join the family business. Jonathan and Jo have combined their service, passion, and experience to develop a real estate team that is unmatched by any other.

In 2008 Creath Partners joined Capital City Sotheby’s International Realty, where Jonathan Creath continues his role as a Real Estate Advisor to his clients. This collaboration creates a powerhouse team by incorporating the world-renowned Sotheby’s International Realty affiliation, technology and global reach, with Creath Partner’s solid tradition of excellence, resulting in a synergy that is unmatched in service to their clients. Creath Partners’ clients will benefit from an association with the Sotheby’s auction house, Sotheby’s worldwide referral network and the global reach of Sotheby’s International Realty marketing programs. Their past, present, and future clients will all agree that the rich family tradition combined with professional attention to detail will guarantee a real estate experience full of satisfaction and success.